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“Our mission is to work tirelessly to reverse all current mandatory antler point restrictions and hunters’ choice regulations throughout Michigan, and the return of a moratorium on any future proposals.”

The organizers of “Michigan S.M.A.R.T. Hunters” wholeheartedly support voluntary or self imposed antler point restrictions. We also support the development of a comprehensive education program that would be implemented by the hunting community under the direction of the Wildlife Division of the MDNR. Such an education program, encouraging participation in voluntary antler point restrictions will help unite hunters and maintain the rich heritage and traditions and REAL hunter choice, and maximize participation for ALL deer hunters. The perception of diminished satisfaction from hunting currently experienced by many hunters today under mandatory restrictions will be removed therefore creating a positive environment for recruitment and retention. If you agree with our mission please feel free to use this site as a tool to further this goal. If you would like to get involved contact me at cmstone@michigansmarthunters.com .   Thank you.


Michigan S.M.A.R.T. Hunters

Stop Mandatory Antler Restrictions Today